Project Management Diagram Tools

The diagram tools you need in project planning.

Project scheduling tools

Identify the major project work or activities within a project, and provide a planned start and finish date for each of them.

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Migration Roadmap

Use a migration roadmap to show the duration of sub-process as well as the milestones throughout the course of transition. You can also mark the date when a project will be reviewed and investment will take place throughout the transition.

Implementation Plan

An implementation plan shows how a software project will evolve at a high level by presenting the duration of major work packages or activities. The drag-and-drop roadmap editor makes it easy to adjust duration.

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Task planning tools

Identify the work that needs to be done to complete project activities. Set reasonable start and end dates to the tasks and identify their inter-dependencies.

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Gantt Chart

Plan your projects and tasks with the intuitive Gantt chart editor. You can easily change the start and end dates, rearrange tasks, and indicate progress with drag-and-drop.

PERT Chart

Visualize the major project tasks and their inter-dependencies in a flow-based PERT chart. You can also partition your tasks into swimlanes and to specify the planned start and end date of the tasks.
Define the action artifacts

Work planning tools

Identify all the work necessary to complete a project as work packages. Group them in a way to support further planning and development activities.

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Work Breakdown Structure

Staffing planning tools

Identify the right person and skill sets to meet your project deliverables.

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Organization Chart

Create a tree hierarchy that represents the people, jobs, positions, their relationships and ranking within a project.

Problem description tools

Give a concise description of the issue to be addressed or a condition to be improved upon.

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Write problem statement with Textual Analysis

Use the Textual Analysis editor to document your project vision statement and the issue to be addressed. It’s a powerful rich-text editor that enables the highlighting and extraction of project keywords.

Extract modeling artifacts from text

Derive visual model from your problem description by creating model elements from words and phrases. Example use: Create UML use cases from a description of solution.

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Cause and Effect (Fishbone) diagram

The Cause-and-Effect diagram facilitates a step-by-step approach to root cause analysis. Visual Paradigm features a smart auto layout feature that enables the body of the fish to grow and shrink following the update of content. No manual adjustment is needed.

Project vocabulary

Maintain a definition of project vocabularies, so everyone who comes across with the keywords will comprehend in the same way.

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Glossary Grid

Build a dictionary for your project. Keep a list of key terms in the Glossary Grid, along with their definition. You can further categorize the terms by adding labels. Occurrence of terms within the project would be highlighted.

Tools for general purposes

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Radar Chart

Radar chart can be flexibly applied in various project planning. Here are some typical uses:

  • IT/Business capability analysis
  • Team/member capability analysis
  • Solution analysis

Visual Paradigm features an intuitive radar chart tool that enables a quick, drag-and-drop adjustment to scoring.

Mind Map

Mind mapping is a tool to help your team keep and organize ideas raised in discussions. Ideas are layout in branches, which is extremely reader friendly and can drive you to think of more ideas in detail.

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